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Our Home

Our Home

Home truly is where the heart is – ever since I was a very little girl I have always been inspired to make pretty spaces in my home. I would re-arrange the furniture in my bedroom about once a week, and it was always spotless! haha.

We were very lucky in being able to build our own home in 2018. We found the perfect piece of land with 3, 20 year old fruit trees which we bribed our builders with beer & lollies to please keep during the build.
All my life I have lived in older period style homes & to be honest I was a tad apprehensive about living in a modern home, but I think our eclectic style of mismatched furniture & art really fills this space beautifully.

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Most of the furniture, artwork, fabrics & clothing in our home, are from op shops, markets, found on the side of the road or sourced second hand. I can hand on my heart say that without a lie.


Can you believe I found Frankie’s art deco day bed (pictured above) on the side of the road 😍

Working with a clean pure white slate in a modern home was something I had never done before, Id spent 18 years travelling all over the world living in rentals, usually of the older type home (which I love) but to decorate a modern home with my beloved op shopped, eclectic second hand gear, was very new to me and Im loving every second of it! 

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Op Shop & Nature Adventures

Op Shop & Nature Adventures